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Installing Your Kit

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Installing & Setting Up Your Kit

Step 1: Install Responsive Seatback & Ivee Bridge

The Ivee Bridge is a square white box box that is connected to the Responsive seatback. Do not try and disconnect these, they are manufactured to always remain connected together.

    1. First place the Responsive Seat Mat on the back of the rear passenger seat
    2. There are clips on the bottom that attach to the car seat mounts
    3. On the mat there is a strap at the top that can be secured around the headrest
    4. Once the bottom clips and the top strap are in place, make sure everything is fitted tightly by adjusting the straps as needed
    5. Place the Ivee Bridge (white box) under the front passenger seat
    6. Tuck your cables neatly around the base of the seat and then under the floor mat to avoid a tripping hazard. If there is excess cable, wrap that neatly under the front passengers seat.
    7. The red and black cable will provide power to the Bridge & Mat, have the cable go under the passenger seat to the center console where the 12 volt input is located. 
    8. Plug in the cable to your cigarette / 12v input 
    9. Verify the red light is on at the 12v input 
    10. Verify the red light is on the Ivee bridge

Step 2: Install Your Tablet

    1. Put the tablet mount on the passenger headrest
    2. Put the tablet inside the mount and position it horizontally
    3. Take the remaining cable from the Ivee Bridge and bring it up through the passenger seat to the tablet. Please use the included cable ties to secure the cable to the headrest. Depending on your seat configuration there may be another place to secure it so this cord is secured to the seat and not at risk for being unplugged by a rider.
    4. Turn on the tablet 
    5. Open the Ivee Kiosk App and the admin screen will open
    6. If a username & password fields are visible, enter your username & password (If there is not a username and password field, you are already signed in!)
    7. Select Pair BLE Device
    8. Select the Ivee Bridge and hit pair
    9. Select “Go To Home Page”
    10. Allow/enable any popup permissions
    11. On the Home screen, select the massage feature, agree to the terms and press medium intensity – your responsive seatback should vibrate!


Congrats! Your Ivee Kit is setup and ready for a rider to experience. If you have issues call or text Andy at (773) 839-6606.

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